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Jennifer White is without a doubt one of the most popular professors on school, and she has heard it all.  All of the comments from male students about how they have fucked so and so and how badly they want to fuck her.  She’s heard everything.  Today may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back since she had a couple of kids lingering after school to work on an assignment when the older student on the stay in school forever plan begins offering guidance to a brand new 18-year-old freshman.  The younger student looks up to the older one, which is what motivates Jennifer to finally speak up.  What could they possibly have that would cause her to want to fuck them?  So they demonstrate to her.  Two gigantic cocks.  Well, Jennifer White’s just like any other white female who gets the clitty pumping and the labia fluttering.  If there’s one thing that white chicks adore, it’s that old black snake charm.  When they see that massive anaconda hanging, they simply cannot resist the lure of the wild.  Our teacher immediately abandoned her scruples and feeling of responsibility and transformed herself into a cocky whore. She gulps down those luscious chocolate treat sticks, widening her legs to accept all she can handle.  This freshman is carrying one of the largest tube steaks she’s ever seen, and she’s a big porn fan.  Her pussy is stretched and smashed as the two pupils take turns pounding her full of cock.  Her mouth is hurting from swallowing so much, and her cervix feels like it was used as a punching bag for Mike Tyson, yet this teacher is in a good mood.  Cumming repeatedly, Jennifer White   is literally on the edge of weariness when she is refreshed with a jizz creampie and a sperm face bath.