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Fantasies are always fun… but what happens when they come true? Ask Bella Jane and her boyfriend, Billy. Billy loves to masturbate in the bedroom, and when he’s with Bella, that masturbation always turns to Bella getting fucked by prolific black men as Billy cheers her on! So, they took it to the next level: Bella Jane and Billy were in an unknown neighborhood, and they were in a bar where they really should be… and they were dancing. The patrons at the bar didn’t know what to do…until Bella’s dress slid down her and everyone saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. Even the club’s DJ took over it. And like sharks circling their prey, soon the dance floor wasn’t just Bella Jane and Billy’s. Honey, maybe we should go! Billy said, feeling nervous. Well named. It’s not just black people. They are bulls. And they’re about to hit the road with beautiful blonde Bella Jane. Every turn! The waiter is watching! Customers are watching too! Please do not cum inside her! Billy said. She’s not using birth control! Sperm fly everywhere. Three bulls rammed Bella’s fat belly. What about Billy? Well, it ends up where it usually happens when they’re at home – straight into a tissue!!