Allie James & Erica Lauren

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Erica Lauren is in a bad mood as she works hard in her office. By Erica’s calculations, her daughter, Allie James, showed Rio Strong her last cheers. Allie’s absent father was the reason Erica had to pick Allie up from the park, and the sight of Rico Strong glancing at her daughter was enough to drive Erica Lauren crazy. Rico’s fluency of speech has finally won over Erica and her marriage vows are about to be put to the test. At the office, Erica Lauren didn’t realize that his long legs were attracting Rico so much that he took out his frustration on his daughter. Erica opens up to Rico about her abandoned pussy and Allie’s face turns red from blushing. The mother and daughter shared a special experience when they took turns sucking on Rico’s giant jet-black cock. Despite the generation gap, the two white sluts treated that big black cock with a double sucking that made Rico almost explode like a black volcano. Allie James’ cunt was the first to feel the fury of Rico’s black rocket as she glided over his penis like a fire station pole. Erica watched her pupils receive 10 inches of dark flesh she would soon taste. Allie’s undeveloped body grinds and fucks Rico until he’s almost submissive while mom watches. Erica soon smelled that black rooster inside the same place Allie had been for nine months. The water coming out of her pussy made Rico’s big black cock look shiny as the two sluts continued to attack him. The phrase “like mother like son” is right when the two bend over and get doggy-style by Rico’s black cock. For what? Allie James’ uterus exploded after Rico shot more semen inside her. Erica Lauren is going to be a glamorous grandma.