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Haley Cummings, daughter of Shay Fox, destroyed the heart of a stallion. It looked like the stallion was about to question Haley, but she had a different opinion and her mother, Shay Fox, was the shoulder for her son to lean on. Stud’s broken soul is comforted and comforted by the woman who was once his stepmother… now she is just taking this new opportunity to step into the place where her daughter has gone. Stud’s boredom turned to eagerness to be suckled by a very hungry cougar. Shay works with a rooster that Haley once satisfied, but now belongs to a grown woman who knows what she wants. Stud’s huge jet-black cock is about to hit the same hole Haley came out of more than 18 years ago. Misaligned MILF is the same guy her daughter brought home some time ago. However, Shay Fox did not pass up the opportunity to prove to her cubs that cougars valued black men as much as their daughters.