Scarlett Sommers’ Husband Watches Her Swallow

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Sexy married milf Scarlett Sommers was slipping on her sexy lingerie and leopard dress for her dinner party of 3 and was surprised to see her husband’s friend Brad already there. Scarlett informed Brad she was not aware her husband changed plans and Brad let her know he wanted them to fuck now and he cum in her mouth on video for her husband to enjoy watching later. Well, Scarlett happily followed instructions dropping to her knees, bobbing Brad’s fat throbbing cock out, and stuffing her hot cock hungry mouth full. Brad took it upon his hard cock to help turn Scarlett into the dirty little cum slut she is on this howling pre-dinner evening fuck as Scarlett sucked and stroked out every last ounce of cum onto her tongue and swallowed her sweet thick creamy candy.

Models: Brad Newman, Scarlett Sommers