Leighlani Red

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Leighlani Red is a self-described BCS…she loves  black chicks but keeps them to herself. She comes to us with this proposal… She’ll be happy to let us shoot her while shoving her pussy inside a burger by one of the riding studs our if she can shoot sperm in his cockpit in hopes of getting a black baby. It’s hard to keep that condom thing a secret when you’re carrying evidence, but that was his suggestion. Dogfart made a counter-offer to him. He’ll hook her up with our newest and longest-running talent and fill her pussy with baby sauce, but she’ll have to pour the excess into a cup and eat it. Since she liked them too, she agreed, and Dogfart took out Ice with his long black pole. Lots of face-scratching, gagging and wild pussy scenes followed, along with cake and ejaculation as promised! Now everyone is happy!