Kennedy Dream

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The lack of a working GPS system for the Kennedy Dream was about to work in favor of 3 bored black men. Kennedy got lost and was looking for a market to meet his demanding food needs. A walk through the slums brings him to Nasir, who is ready for Kennedy to impart his knowledge of raw foods and the like to his crew. Insidious Nasir and his boys, however, had other things planned, and they feared Kennedy was ravaged by 36 inches of raw, dark meat. Kennedy was living a white girl’s dream by sucking every black cock that was stuffed in her face and her no-meat policy was thrown out the window as she sucked on the meaty black cocks. Each thug took turns exploring her white pussy as another black cock stopped her throat from making a prickly cry. The black cock’s revolving door doesn’t end as she rides the black cock one by one until her vulva can’t produce any greasy water to lubricate those black deformities. Kennedy Dream’s pussy would have to be iced after this nonstop interracial intercourse, but that’s been shelved. First and foremost, Kennedy’s face suffered a rocket explosion after a rocket explosion of black sauce from very black roosters damaged her mouth and vulva. Her facial expression says it all and she will only accept dark meat in her daily routine.