Joseline Kelly

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Poor Joseline Kelly. She doesn’t know what’s worse: having to take a self-defense class to avoid sexual predators in her workplace… or her frail husband, who can’t work. that for her. So here she is, Joseline Kelly, on a Saturday afternoon, in a boxing club, learning how to fight if necessary. The first thing she noticed was her instructor, an extremely masculine, muscular black bull. Joseline Kelly’s pussy started to tingle when they first met, and now The Bull has her husband in the ring, using her to show how to effectively punch an impending attacker. And with just one punch, Hubby was knocked down. Afterward? Watch Joseline run around and kiss the real man, before falling to his knees to blow up The Bull. They suckled and made love while Hubby was away to count, and just as Joseline Kelly devoured The Bull’s enormous load, Hubby turned around. That’s great, because he was consistent enough to realize that Joseline would hire The Bull for weekly training!!