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Rico and his boys go on a trip. The crappy car they drive is having engine problems. Luckily… the only mechanic still breaking joints is none other than the luscious Ivy Lebelle. The girl is not only sexy but also loves to get dirty to make a living! So Ivy looks at the engine and quickly realizes it’s going to cost these guys about $3,000 to get back on the road. Problem is, these guys don’t have $5 for two. Don’t worry… Ivy accepts another form of payment! She loves the cock and with 13 guys, that cock might be enough to cover the cost of repairs. These well-hung studs are happy to pay. Forming a cloud over her mouth and throat, they stretch out her beautiful lips as she drools all over her meat sticks. She works with every inch of each member with ease. A real fellatio mechanic!! As her jaw begins to clench and spit glistens on every part of her face, she begs all 13 men to paint her face with baby playdough. One by one they spill all over her face and breasts. She thanks them and tells them that the repair is fully paid for!