Dolly Leigh Makeup Sex With Boyfriend Timmy

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Dolly Leigh is having a problem. She had just gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, Timmy. What is she talking about with Flash Brown? He is, after all, the reason for the fight. Timmy, Dolly, and Flash are all friends. In fact, Timmy and Flash spend a lot of time together. There are a lot of “couple dates” as well: Dolly, Timmy, Flash, and whoever the white girl Flash is dating all like to hang out and do things together. But Timmy notices Dolly staring at Flash quite a bit. Timmy always catches Dolly looking at Flash’s crotch, whether they’re at a sports bar, walking on the beach, or at a comedy club. And, indeed, Timmy’s deepest fears have come true. “He’s correct, Flash. I do wonder a lot when I look at you.” It doesn’t take Flash long to smell fresh meat, and he doesn’t care about Timmy as much as he does about new, white, tight pussy. Sure, Dolly will try to back out (“what if I just let you rub my feet? That’s fine, Flash,”), but we all know how this will end: Dolly on her knees with Flash’s load dripping down her face…and talk of turning Timmy into her cuckold!!! “