Desiree De Luca is now in charge of their weed business

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Chad Diamond’s mind appears to have been warped by pushing the devil’s tobacco. We begin with a meeting between Chad and his pal Rico Strong. Rico is into the green stuff, but Chad’s mother, Desiree De Luca, quickly transforms into the world’s bustiest narc”. Desiree isn’t thrilled that her son is hanging out with Rico Strong, and her maternal instincts quickly kick in. Desiree offers herself up to Rico in exchange for keeping her son away from him, and before you can say “sick,” Desiree is sucking on that big black knob. Chad’s head is in the clouds, as he pulls his white meat while mom gets a mouthful of black cock. Desiree is aware that her son has issues, but that doesn’t stop her from welcoming in as much of Rico’s big black cock as humanly possible. Chad’s mother lowers herself onto Rico’s thunderous black cock as he jerks himself off; you almost wonder where this family went wrong. Anyway, Desiree De Luca gets her first taste of black cock, and she’s hooked. Rico slams her from behind as her face is only a foot or two away from her son, who is watching the chaos. The De Luca family reproducing is the last thing we need. Nothing, however, can prevent Rico from serving this slutty milf a creampie that glazes her entire reproductive system. Desiree De Luca puts the icing on the cake when she informs Rico and Chad that she is now in charge of their weed business on a daily basis. This family has raised the bar for extremely dysfunctional families.