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Daisy Stone started out as a masseuse. She would go to a client, bring a table and give her a gentle massage, and then leave. However, there was one particular customer, Isiah. Once she gave him a happy ending. Then it became a habit…without asking, she started tugging at his cock. It became an obsession for her. So one day, when Isiah was having a meeting with an associate at his home, Daisy was doing her usual massage and ended up with a craft. Isiah doesn’t even skip a beat…he just continues to meet while she caresses! Well, partner, Jax… was dumbfounded. And me!! Isiah, what a gracious host… what the hell did he say… Jax should have one too! Daisy Stone was quick to give Jax a hard time. When he was tough enough to smash concrete with his dick… they moved the group to the couch and crossed this little doll. She rides those cocks hard, smearing cream all over them with her succulent pussy. After several orgasms, she begs for anal sex…and these men are happy to tear that ass! Some girls just know how to work with more than one cock…I think this masseuse is well trained in that particular area. In the end, they both chilled her face with man’s juice!