Cute little Bunny…or perhaps crazy little Bunny.

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Cute blonde little Bunny…or possibly crazy little snow Bunny. The girl can’t stop herself. She has been following football player Prince. He already has a restraining order against her, but she ignores it. She not only infiltrates his home, but also into his bed while he is in the shower. What this girl will go through just to get her hands on a big black cock. Maybe Prince won’t call the cops this time. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll give her what she’s been wanting all along. It’s a risk, but it pays off in the end for her! When she grabs his cock, the Prince gives it to her. He stomps on that pussy from behind, the side, and the top. He even allows her to ride it. She only wants that baby batter on her lucious titties. What the hell…already he’s gone this far; why not give crazy what she wants?