Cuckold And Cuckoldress Abella Danger

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Abella Danger is one of the most talented Cuckoldresses this site has ever seen. If you don’t believe us now, by the end of this Cuckold Session, you will. Jay Wimp, her minion, has been a jerk. Cuckoldress Abella has warned him on several occasions that if he touches his little white wiener, there will be consequences. Abella locks him up after walking him around like a puppy dog…for a three-month sentence! Think about your blue balls after 90 days of not beating your meat!! It’s a cock sucking lesson with one of Abella’s favourite black dildos after Abella locks Jay’s small white ween up. Around this time, Abella’s Black Bull appears. What is his name? Slayher, Jax. What is his game? White boys are being put in their place. You’d better not stare at his dick for too long at 6’5 and 250 pounds! Unless, of course, you want a good thrashing! Jax unloads a 3-day back-up after using all three of Abella’s holes. What does this imply for Jay Wimp? Cleaning her up is the most humiliating thing a white boy could be forced to do!