Cindy Starfall

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Brad Newman is a simple guy who wants to live a simple life. His theme? American women are boring: they are demanding; they are not grateful; and eventually, they get bored in bed. That’s why he coughed up a few dollars and bought himself a mail order bride, shipped straight out of Vietnam! She’s definitely docile…and best of all? It’s a monster in the sheet! She will literally do anything that Husband Brad asks, and one of Brad’s favorite things is showing off his new bride to all his friends! Look what he’s doing today! He invited a friend to practice and asked his wife to prepare lunch… in lingerie. Hey, why don’t you suckle my friend Rob while he eats lunch? Brad asked. Oh yes sir!  Cindy Starfall responded obediently. Brad loves watching his wife entertain her friends, and Cindy Starfall can’t believe how big Rob’s BBC is! Brad even danced for a minute, before Rob dropped a massive mass into Cindy’s sweet pink pussy. Next, Brad congratulates Cindy’s pretty face on a job well done!