Blonde Caprice Capone faces a dilemma on a daily basis.

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Blonde Caprice Capone is faced with a daily quandary: whether or not to fuck black guys on camera. Caprice meets another performer, Carmello Storm, by chance. Caprice’s heart is heavy with guilt because she has never fucked black cock on camera. Caprice, on the other hand, knows she’ll get a lot of flak from fans for even considering doing interracial porn. What should I do? Carmello offers to film her in a home-made film as long as it is never made public. Carmello benefits from Caprice’s gullibility. What comes next? Carpice gets down on her knees after receiving another assurance that this will not be released, and Carmello’s camera captures Caprice for the first time with a black cock in her mouth. Caprice Capone’s anxiety fades with each inch of Carmello that slides down her windpipe. Her heart is racing, which can only mean she’s having fun with her first interracial scene, even though she has no idea it’s being recorded for public consumption. Carmello turns his attention to Caprice’s beautiful pussy and proceeds to slam his big slab of beef between her legs. Caprice goes insane after being officially welcomed into the world of interracial porn. Carmello fucks that pussy hard and deposits two separate shots of cum that coat her entire mouth and throat. Carmello started editing the scene as soon as she was out of his sight.