Arietta Adams

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Arietta Adams, 19, will make her second appearance on Dogfart Network as a babysitter. With her pretty freckled face and massive booty, she barely made it past the prison line and dads everywhere will pay the price with her around! She goes to Davin’s house to interview for a new nanny position and while they wait for Davin’s wife and kids to come home to meet Arietta, she discovers that Davin is hiding a huge black rooster and because she has never seen it directly. before, so she just had to try! Meanwhile, at the same time, Arietta Adams’ father realizes that she has left her wallet in the car. He returned it to her. After turning around and knocking on the door with a few unanswered messages, he went to the window, where he saw his precious princess being opened by a middle-aged man. With each stab to her pussy, Arietta’s father became more and more terrified. Forget the wallet, now is the time to save your daughter! Unfortunately for our hero during training, when he broke in to stop them, it turned out they didn’t care if he was there or not. Damage. Witnessing the sight of this big man stabbing his own daughter with an even larger piece of stiff man’s flesh stimulated part of the old pervert’s mind and he pulled out a piece of skin. very soft, very small and roll it on your hand. Eventually, Arietta Adams gets tired of watching him try to protect his potential career, she kicks him out. It was an unforgettable interview, hopefully Arietta Adams will get a job.