Aria Banks has been banned

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Aria Banks is shocked to learn that she has been banned from the most popular social media platform, Dik Tok. She had over a million followers before losing them all. This little aspiring social media star is not going down without a fight. She immediately calls Dik Tok’s upper management and speaks with a social manager who agrees to meet with her and investigate why her account has been suspended. When he arrives, he immediately puts Aria right. She can’t possibly be showing off her titties, ass, and lady bits on their platform. That is in violation of community standards. In fact, she can’t have dicks in her face or in her mouth. Fortunately for Aria Banks, he is willing to show her everything she cannot do on their platform. It’s a lot because he puts her in positions and forces her to do things she shouldn’t be doing to advance her career. Nope. So it appears that after the reprimands, she will regain access to her profile. But how long will this last? You can’t keep a good slut down.