Alexis Diamonds

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I, Alexis Diamonds, didn’t spend all those years getting my psychology degree just listening to people whine and complain about their problems. Day after day, my sofa always has people complaining about this and that. I have a new patient, Derek Skeeter, and he comes to me because he’s a hopeless romantic. Derek claims girls want him just because the huge appendage takes up space in his pants, and curiosity definitely overwhelms me. I told myself that if my husband neglects me, one arrow will hit two targets: teach him a lesson when he realizes my love for big black cock. I, Alexis Diamonds, flirted fiercely with Derek and soon we were both on my couch. I had to see what the girl was talking about, and I reached for his monstrous black cock. I knew I could lose my job as soon as my lips tasted Derek’s flesh on my red lips. I sucked on that black cock as much as I could until my wet pussy needed some fun. I had to get it working slowly, because, well, my husband’s white cock is a fraction of the size of Derek’s hat. I finally managed to squeeze a lot of those young black cocks into my hot cougar pussy. Derek continued to smack his dark flesh between my aching pussy lips until I, Alexis Diamonds, had to feel it between my soft cheeks. I don’t have to beg Derek to slide his black python into my asshole until his balls massage my wet clitoris. I kept squeezing his huge jet-black cock with my toned butt and he couldn’t help but spray my face with that homemade nutmeg.