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Wagered you’ve never listened of Dogfart Records! No…it’s not a modern, hip-hop name begun by Victimize Flute player and Rico Solid. Dogfart Records is, in any case, a better approach for Rico and Victimize to capture Snow Bunnies in their lair, dangle an nonexistent internship before their noses, and after that drag the age-old casting lounge chair schedule on them. It’s a trap as ancient as Hollywood itself, and you know how it goes. Here’s the clever portion — indeed when the young ladies aren’t as well willing, they’ll do nearly anything for a cool work in Hollywood! Indeed deceive on their boyfriend for a chance at an critical work at an up-and-coming record name. They might not like it as well much, but hello — a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Indeed on the off chance that it implies letting both the dark men bust in your small pussy…and without being on birth control to boot!